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It all started this past summer when my wife and I wanted to see a certain movie. I was excited and ready
to buy the tickets when my wife refused at the last minute claiming the theatre had bed bugs. Frightened
we might infest our home, we instead chose to order in :( .

The theatre had bed bugs...

After doing some research I realized her fears were legitimate. Theatres throughout the tri-state area were
infested. But then I kept thinking if this epidemic continued what will be? The entertainment industry is
just too large and there had to be a solution.

...there had to be a solution...

In the coming months I went to see a Broadway show and this time came in with a plastic sheet to sit
on. We got several smiles, a few laughs and many compliments. I realized right away that everyone knew
why we sat on them and all seemed to approve. At intermission I held a mini focus group study gathering
advice and ideas. we came in with a plastic sheet to sit on...

From there I made a few prototypes and experimented with them at another 2 shows and on a few business
trips. I finally settled on the final product that is adjustable, breathable and of course safe.

...I made a prototype and finally settled on this product...

Today with the support of a well established company we are proud to share with you our dream and a
product that provides a safe and easy way to help prevent the spread of bed bugs, lice, germs and other

...prevent the spread of bed bugs!

This is my story...

"My wife was all paranoid about the bed bug scare, so she was very happy to receive these as a gift." -Charles
- Charles

I flew with this on vacation, and slept like a baby. I forgot to pack it in my carry-on on the way back- uch!
- Anonymous

- Sally

My boyfriend brought these with us to the movies, they were great. I felt protected from any bugs or bacteria that may have been on the seats. Plus it was black! so no one could tell I was putting anything on the seat.
- Kim

Great product! We sat for 21/2 hrs through a movie and never once had any concern on what we might be sitting on
- Billy

I could finally go back to the movies in peace!
- Marjorie

I was waiting for a new addition to the movie experience!
- Unknown