Bug Off Seat Cover


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How did you hear about Bug Off Seat Covers?

"My wife was all paranoid about the bed bug scare, so she was very happy to receive these as a gift." -Charles
- Charles

I flew with this on vacation, and slept like a baby. I forgot to pack it in my carry-on on the way back- uch!
- Anonymous

- Sally

My boyfriend brought these with us to the movies, they were great. I felt protected from any bugs or bacteria that may have been on the seats. Plus it was black! so no one could tell I was putting anything on the seat.
- Kim

Great product! We sat for 21/2 hrs through a movie and never once had any concern on what we might be sitting on
- Billy

I could finally go back to the movies in peace!
- Marjorie

I was waiting for a new addition to the movie experience!
- Unknown