Frequently wash and heat-dry your bed linens -Wash bed spreads, and clothing that touches the floor to reduce bed bug populations. Bed bugs and their eggs can hide in laundry containers/hampers, so clean them when you do the laundry. (US EPA)

Bed Bugs are for real and the problem is growing. Germs and filth have always and continue to be an issue. Most airlines and theatres are not concerned for your well-being in this regard. So if I know Im sitting on a seat that may have all that under me, Id want a Bug Off Seat Cover. Think Im exaggerating? Check out this article- The Disgusting Results To Our Dirty Movie Theater Investigation

  • The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is the species most adapted to living with humans. It has done so since ancient times. Bed bugs are mentioned in medieval European texts and in classical Greek writings back to the time of Aristotle. Other bed bug species prefer to feed on wild hosts, especially bats and birds.
  • A common concern with bedbugs is whether they transmit diseases. Although bedbugs can harbor pathogens in and on their bodies, transmission to humans is considered unlikely. Their medical significance is chiefly limited to the itching and inflammation from their bites. (University of Kentucky Entomology Department)
  • Bed bugs are making a comeback in the U.S. for several reasons. Some factors include increased international travel, increased popularity of thrift shops, yard sales, and buying used furniture. Also, the practice of using specific household pest control tactics, and crowded living conditions in certain apartment complexes and neighborhoods has added to the problem. Bed bugs have a secretive life style and can hide in any crack or crevice, going undetected for quite a while. (University of Maine Cooperative Extension)
  • On airplanes - If you haven't heard already, British Airways recently had a bit of a scandal with bed bugs. One young lady got bit over 90 times on two flights, and used the Internet to spread the word. The problem went viral over the web, and after an investigation, the airline grounded two jets to fumigate and clean.
  • This influential young lady put up a site to spread the word, and here is one of her Tips for flying: "Check your seat for bugs before you sit in it! Its gross, and you're likely to find lots of the seats prior inhabitants crumbs, but you have to do it. Check all edges of the seat cushion carefully, including the sides near the armrests. Pull the seat off entirely if you can and check underneath (many seat cushions are actually built to be removable, so don't be shy). If you cant pull it completely off, stick your fingers between the armrests and cushion and pull/squish the cushion enough so you can see down the sides of it. Finally, pull the headrest forward and try to look around its edges as well as behind it. Bring a small flashlight if you can, as it will make your life much easier. Ideally you'll also want to take a peek into the seat-back pocket as well, although you're even more likely to find garbage and old crumbs and other, nastier stuff in there than the rest of the seat and you're likely safe if you've done a thorough job checking elsewhere."

"My wife was all paranoid about the bed bug scare, so she was very happy to receive these as a gift." -Charles
- Charles

I flew with this on vacation, and slept like a baby. I forgot to pack it in my carry-on on the way back- uch!
- Anonymous

- Sally

My boyfriend brought these with us to the movies, they were great. I felt protected from any bugs or bacteria that may have been on the seats. Plus it was black! so no one could tell I was putting anything on the seat.
- Kim

Great product! We sat for 21/2 hrs through a movie and never once had any concern on what we might be sitting on
- Billy

I could finally go back to the movies in peace!
- Marjorie

I was waiting for a new addition to the movie experience!
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